AT Shampoo Anti-Dandruff

150 ml


Particularly effective in the case of dandruff, AT Shampoo acts more specifically on the scalp. As it gently cleanses, it removes dead skin cells without altering the scalp’s natural balance. Recommended for cases of dry hair, for dandruff with greasy hair, and for removing the accumulation of toxins, it fights the build-up of waste products and dead skin cells, restoring the scalp’s pH to the normal physiological range.

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Apply 10 ml of AT Shampoo to the scalp, massaging it in while using just enough water to obtain a soft emulsion; then rinse it out.

In the case of greasy hair with dandruff, combine AT Shampoo with HS Shampoo. In the case of dry hair, mix AT Shampoo with CM Shampoo.